DA Review BCM 302

Hey Boswell (The Zone)

I have enjoyed reading and following along with this DA to the point of following and joining this epic project of yours. I appreciate your clearly defined audience and your understanding of where they reside. The use of a discord community and twitch really reaches your desired audience and creates a space whereas you said will begin to move people from their mindset of playing alone to playing with others. This is a great objective and desired outcome.

I’m interested in the use of Instagram within this space. I can see how it targets step 2 of your outcomes – ‘creating public content to catch gamers’ attention’. While I think this is the right aim and desire having looked at some of the content I think this could be one area that could have some improvement although my own argument against this suggestion is that I think it is a secondary priority. My suggestion would be seeing that ‘ Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app’


It would be wise to consider creating some video content that either highlights components of your Minecraft server or discord community, or some that provide value like quick ‘how to’ reels or just funny moments. Seeing as you already twitch stream the server I’m sure this ideation wouldn’t incur any extra costs on your part to screen record and the like. For some extra motivation, here is a reel that I made for my workplace that popped off because it was favoured by the reel algorithm.


You have some great automated messaging bots in the discord that highlight Instagram posts and dedicated chat threads for screenshots of people’s builds. This is a great use of the FIST framework as it automates the process for you and makes it easy to showcase your audience’s work on other platforms. You could continue to build upon this with a funny moments/highlights thread and encourage them to record themselves playing and clip it and post it for you to use on Instagram. This is just some simple repurposing I think this could also be crucially helpful as you continue to create from twitch and your user generated content. If you want to read about the benefits of doing so you can check that out here:

You have a great foundation to build upon here and I think this will only snowball and grow in followers, members, and those who create content for you. Numbers produce numbers I believe and you are certainly on the right track to make those numbers of people feel like real people as you provide them with a community that makes them feel known!

Hey Sean, (Aquilah Productions)

It’s been great getting to see this DA pitch come to fruition and after following your accounts for a few weeks now. This pitch was a great window into being able to see some behind the scenes of the framework and ideas you’re creating for this DA. I’m always a big fan of those buttery Sony images with that orange and teal look and I think you have seriously got it down I might add. I was interested to see by going through some of your photos on the feed that you are consistently getting similar numbers on your posts regardless of the content.

I assumed the images of people would get more than those without people in them but I was proven wrong. I can only assume this highlights that you have got some serious super fans in there that admire what you bring to the table in your art and craft. My only suggestion is to build upon some of the points you have already brought up in creating some reels and YouTube content. I saw that you got that sweet new camera gimbal. You could easily create some unboxing, first thoughts, and how-to’s content around that just as a creative nudge for creating those reels. Side note: Would also personally just love to hear the origin story of the brand name!

I think one thing I notice online is that your YouTube content is rather short for this platform. I noticed however on your personal account that you have a YouTube short and I think maybe re-formatting your previously posted content into both a YouTube shorts format would better reach potential audience members. This could then be re-posted on Tik Tok and Instagram reels. If you want some more info on YouTube and how to maximize it then Social Media Manager has some great insights! https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-ways-to-maximize-your-youtube-marketing-results/

Keen to see what content you create in the coming weeks mate and look forward to hearing more about that new gimbal along the way. Keep it up!

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