Space Future: A Digital Artefact.

My digital artefact’s original concept was to reach an audience and think through ways in which I could add to the conversation of the future of space travel for us as humans. However, this was too broad and passive of a goal. It was through looking into the work of futurists Ziuadiin Zardar and Michio Kaku, in particular, his book ”  The Future of humanity ” that led me to think in a broader academic sense for this digital artefact of the possibilities of the future and how they are communicated now. Ziuadiin Zardar’s expressions of the need to think about the “unthought”. This is recognising the ignorance of not doing so and moving people’s perspectives and horizons from what is thought to the unthought and the future possibilities which is one of the key studies of the future in particular Space future.

The methods in completing this were moulded through feedback and further readings given to me by my peers on how to use the platforms not only effectively but efficiently. This was further extrapolated in my BETA blog.  My original methodology was to create a YouTube video and a blog which was highlighted to be more effective through just YouTube videos and made more efficient in audience awareness through the use of Tik Tok. A short-medium but fast content production social media app that allows large audiences to be met due to the small number of creators but large numbers of viewers it makes the creating content that is seen easy to do. I used this platform, in particular, to get people over to my YouTube videos as well as get people’s brains thinking of the unthought and their pre-existing positions on what the future of space travel would look like.

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My YouTube videos consisted of only two in the end but all three questions were still answered of “Why?” “How?” and Where?”. The first video consisted of the Why with the following questions being answered in my most recent post. This was because Through reading Kaku’s work as well as through the science fiction content of today through the movies like Interstellar, Passengers, Wall-E and the martian there was a clear representation in all of these movies of How and Where more so than there was with the “Why” at times. It was through the enlightening TedX Talk from Will Pomerantz of “Leaving our beautiful home and exploring outer space” That showed the immense amount of reasons why we go but to each person, there is a different answer as to why and ultimately we should be having these conversations of “would you go?” and “why / why not?” However, there was some clear successes and limitations.

My Tik Tok amassed over 500 views all up however my YouTube series, the very thing I was attempting to draw people too, only had very few views. I believe this was due to the nature of the platform is how it rewards long term investment of regular and frequent uploads rather than fortnightly ones. This could also be further fine-tuned through the use of different hashtags and video categorising for the algorithms. This was also the case for my tik Toks. It seems that it was the limitation of time for this project that found it’s problems occurring and given the nature of productivity on my part it also played a small part for the combination of my How and Where videos which separating may have played a part in further audience reach and conversation.

Ultimately it is a digital artefact that has successfully shared research and output into the online world to stay there forever on the future of space. It will be an artefact like many cultural films that will be able to look back on and see what predictions and possibilities formulated into reality. Thanks for being apart of the Journey

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