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Bianca’s Digital artefact is based on the tv series Black Mirror. She is analysing 4 episodes with the intention of thinking about how the series uses made-up technologies to talk about today’s society in a speculative way. Focusing in on the representation of the future so I would be helpful in 10 years time in particular. So far she has analysed 2 of the 4 episodes. Through her clear research, it was evident that she had a clear path and direction however there seemed a deep need for feedback. This is why in my comments I provided necessary links to how to get the feedback that you need not just want. Though using Reddit as Bianca mentioned that she intends on doing it would create relevant feedback and helpful insights as long as the correct sub Reddits are used. On top of this research, it could also be helpful to end asserting the desirability of each alternative future that Black mirror provides which is one of Wendell Bell’s important elements of future studies. This asserts the way Black mirror looks at them now and how her Da can continue to look at the future or in particular in the next 10-year window that she specified.

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Steff Harris sets out to explore the future of UOW creative. Originally she planned on looking into the future of UOW creative post COVID-19 but decided to change to the topic mentioned earlier. This allows for staff to continue thinking through and implementing new ways to reach her audience of artists through UOW creative in order to give them a voice and a platform to be heard from. Originally I was unsure how her DA is analysing the future of 5, 10 or 20 years in particular but she does however clearly set out how the platform is aiming to grow now for the future and the plans it’s putting in place to do so. As being someone who didn’t know much about any behind the scenes of UOW creative I mentioned the helpful practice of sharing behind the scenes content with their audiences as it creates an emotional connection with their audience and makes them more relatable through that medium. 

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Jasmyn has set out throughout her DA for it to be applicable to her audience. She is redesigning websites, making tutorials and writing blogs that ensure the future of the Digital Media Society ( DMS)  remains in line with its purpose of providing information and help for students within the BCM classes of UOW. Given the position within DMA Jasmyn has been researching into leadership material to ensure that she can continue to grow both herself and DMS in a way that is in itself future-proofing the society to continue to provide. I set out to help her in this research through providing an article that sets out the importance of being able to replace yourself as a leader as well as quoting and recommending Craig Hamilton’s “Wisdom in Leadership” book. This book while given the audience of Christian leaders still outlines simple and helpful practical tips and systems to put in place that allow for leaders and those they lead to be loved and grown in ways that are helpful.


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