A Beta Space Future…

It has been an enjoyable process to get back into the mindset and processes of FEFO (fail early, fail often) as I have iterated and processed both content and feedback into my digital artefact.

In this Beta reflection video, I will be unpacking my methodology as well showcasing background research that has helped me hone in on my audience to continue into the next stage of my future space thinking and content creation.

We look into Ziuadiin Zardar a futurist who expresses the need to think about the “u thought” which sets our new found motive of moving my audience from passive to engaged thinkers in the area of unthought space futures and possibilities. 

I look forward to your feedback!

1 thought on “A Beta Space Future…

  1. samuelcunningham May 15, 2020 — 2:11 am

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    Hi Samuel,
    Firstly, I love your concept and find the idea of space and the future really interesting! I also believe that exploring Tiktok was a smart move for many reasons. From my understanding, tiktoks algorithm makes it easier for smaller/new accounts to get on the #trending page (fyp) which would make it easier to find an audience who is interested in your topic. Maybe it would help to draw attention to your youtube channel if you intertwined the two? (You may already be doing this) but, for example, at the end of your TikTok’s you end them with a URL to your youtube saying ‘learn more,’ or something along those lines. Using trending tiktok songs and themes may also help to grab attention quickly!
    I did find this one article about the ’10 future space missions.’
    Personally, before listening to your DA Beta, I hadn’t thought about the future of space exploration or anything along those lines in a long time. I was thinking that having this article, as a visual tiktok, come up on my fyp page would definitely get my attention quickly and make me want to look at more of your other content. I think this is because visual representations of space are very eyecatching and would draw me into your ideas. Plus I feel like ‘list’ styled tiktok’s tend to get my attention due to their simplicity and my desire to find out the next thing on the list.
    Hope this helps a little bit!
    Good luck with your DA Samuel :),


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