Gimme some space alright

As a kid in primary, I found my dad’s old Saturn Rocket V model rocket that he had as a kid in an old box that he never got around to setting up. I spent days glueing all of the intricate parts together even down to the small legs on the lunar module. It was sick. (that’s a technical term) Once I got older I fell in love with futuristic space films that took my imagination to endless places. Having an element of realism was super important to keep me interested though as I like the realistic possibilities that we have before us. But then I realised I don’t actually know what the future looks like for space travel. Movies have been shaping my understanding since I was young. Some of my favourite movies include Interstellar, The Martian, Ender’s Game, Walle and Passengers to name a few!  However, not much academic or scientific information has been able to speak into that before so my hope is to make insightful content that is concise but also fun to watch and be apart of!

Kerbal space program was where my curiosity and enjoyment for space travel peaked. Being able to endlessly send up rockets to try and get to the moon and land safely had an endless replay-ability aspect to it. I hope to somehow incorporate this into my DA but I’m not quite sure how as of yet ( if you have any ideas please let me know!)

This DA is going to set out to answer three main questions.

Why should we travel to Space?

Where will we go?

How will we get there?

The Audience:

Humans are naturally curious creatures and as this DA is set out to entertain my own curiosities about space travel and what it could look like. I’m aiming at speaking to an audience with a like-minded curiosity via making a blog post every two weeks that contain a contextual post with a youtube video much like this post now. I’ll be sourcing out potential audience interaction as well on Reddit and other places.

The Process ( gotta trust the process):

Week 4: Research / Video Edit / Write.

Week 5: Post: Why should we travel in space?

Week 6: Evaluate + implement feedback / Research / Video Edit / Write.

Week 7: Where will we go?

Week 8: Evaluate + implement feedback / Research / Video Edit / Write.

Week 9: How will we get there

Week 10: Evaluate + implement feedback.



Pyne, S 2006, ‘Seeking Newer Worlds: An Historical Context for Space Exploration’, Critical Issues in the History of Space Flight, pp.7-35.

6 thoughts on “Gimme some space alright

  1. samuelcunningham March 20, 2020 — 12:44 pm

    Reblogged this on Future Cultures.


  2. Hi Samuel! This is a really interesting topic and I cannot wait to follow along with your Digital Artefact as it progresses! Considering your DA is all about learning about space and giving viewers the chance to learn along with you, I think you should consider creating a specified Instagram account, or dedicating part of your twitter to this topic. If you were to do this, you would be able to post fun trivia facts about space in order to cause further engagement on your content to those who -like you mentioned- are just as curious about space as you are!
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson actually has a YouTube series called ‘Star Talk’ that you should check out! I’ve linked the channel below! You could definitely use a similar format for your DA! Worth checking into 🙂


  3. Jasmyn Connell April 9, 2020 — 7:50 am

    Hi Sam! Your project is really wonderful. Through your writing immediately got your sense of humour and your personality shined through (“that’s a technical term”). I’d really encourage you to harness these great qualities and showcase them through your digital artefact. After all, you are pursuing a social media presence so selling yourself will be the most important thing! One thing I would like to bring up though is, you should consider embedding your video into your blog post. Your writing had a clear structure, it was easy to follow and really well done, but at first I didn’t think you had done a video, because it was hard to find. You can embed videos using WordPress blocks – here’s a guide on how to do it:

    Other than that, I’d like to commend you on how well-researched your pitch was. I learned many new things from watching your video (such as that we can’t actually freeze people like we see in the movies, and that civilisation does not necessarily follow exploration). You seem to have your academic research nicely narrowed and are on top of finding great sources so I thought I’d focus on sharing some resources with you to help with your identified problem areas for your DA: execution and audience feedback. Starting out on YouTube will be extremely difficult so I would encourage you to pursue other channels where it might be easier to receive feedback. This is going to sound VERY stupid but I think Tik Tok would be perfect for your project. and here’s why: the algorithm strongly encourages niches (if you use the right captions and hashtags you can get A LOT of views regardless of your following), and it has rapid feedback loops (it is a very fast-paced platform so you will get instant if not a 24-hour feedback loop. If you’re interested in pursuing this platform, check out this guide: it covers some generic advice on how to gain engagement on Tik Tok.

    Furthermore, as you can see from these YouTube tips: the platform is not suited to serving only short-term goals (which you have identified your DA as serving your short-term goal to explore a curiosity). Youtube is going to reward long-term, consistent posting. So, if you consider Wendell Bell’s three-part planning structure for probable, preferable and possible futures in terms of short, medium and long-term planning, what do you want to see for your DA? In 5 weeks, but also 5 years what is the preferable future for your work? And, are the platforms you are using supporting these short, medium and long-term goals?

    I also had a quick look at the Kerbal Space Program, because you were unsure of how to incorporate it into your project. Could you record what you do or live stream it? Platforms like Twitch are saturated with gaming content, so this might be a really refreshing addition to the platform but also differentiate you and reach a niche audience. If you decide to go down this avenue, here’s a useful set-up guide for you: It goes through the practical steps of setting up a twitch channel, and how to start streaming.

    Overall, I think your project has great potential and you’ve really thought about how it will practically work. I would encourage you to harness your personality and humour and use it to make your videos more enjoyable for audiences. Also, I would encourage you to do further research into the platform that you are using, as Youtube might not support the short-term goals of this project. Good luck!


  4. Hey Sam, this is a great pitch. I really like the use of Interstellar footage as the backdrop to the video, and how you use a memory of the past as a means of inspiration, and to discuss a potential future. I think that the three questions you have set yourself to answer are very good, and work very well with the proposed format. Personally I would go all the way with video, where you could do a similar thing to what you did with the pitch video, but laid over footage of ‘Kerbal Space Program’ , but that might be a bit too much work. I like how you plan to spread this content over many platforms, which is a great way to maximise engagement. Lastly, video is a little too long, don’t be afraid to expand on things further in future blog posts. This sounds like a great project and I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with it.


    1. You could also look to get in contact with Nick, who is doing a similar project to yours, so maybe you could help each other out in some way?


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